Changarrito with Francisco Godoy, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX

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Changarrito with Francisco Godoy 

419 Congress Ave, Austin

May, 13th - 21st

12 pm - 15 pm 

Mexic-Arte Museum is excited to host Francisco Godoy for the next Changarrito Residency! Be sure to check out Godoy’s work from noon – 3pm during the West Austin Studio Tour (Happening V). 

Francisco Godoy (b. 1979) is an artist and pediatrician, originally from Guatemala. His current body of work is inspired by his medical knowledge, as he explores the shape of the human heart. He uses a variety of mediums including paintings, graphics, collages, and art-objects, through which he hopes to evoke different emotions and experiences from his life. Godoy states, “As a doctor, I’ve had the opportunity to help other humans to heal their physical side. Nowadays, I consider art as a complement in my life that allows me to help humans to heal and nourish their souls.”

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