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Changarrito es un proyecto fundado por el artista Máximo González como una alternativa a la selección oficial de la galería presentada por las autoridades culturales mexicanas. Fieles a su espíritu original e informal, los Changarritos existen en todo el mundo, evolucionando como foros para la venta de obras de arte originales al público en general, presentación de programas públicos, proyectos curatoriales especiales, exposiciones individuales y colectivas.

Fiel a la misión del Museo Mexic-Arte, el Changarrito se dedica a la presentación y promoción del arte contemporáneo latinox / a / o y latinoamericano. Los artistas tendrán la oportunidad de mostrar y vender su arte en el carrito 'Changarrito' frente al Museo (o en un lugar externo, como representante del Museo durante varios festivales de arte de Austin) mientras mantienen el 100% de las ventas. Para cada artista de Changarrito, el Museo compra una obra de arte para adquirir para su colección permanente. El compromiso de tiempo es de cuatro días durante dos fines de semana, sábado y domingo de 12 a 3 pm.

Presentando “CHANGARREANDO”:

La palabra "changarreando", es una forma verbal que proviene del sustantivo "changarro", argot que se origina en la Ciudad de México para "una pequeña tienda minorista". El sufijo "-ando" agrega un significado significativo a la palabra, pero se puede resumir aquí como indicando el acto o la acción de pasar el rato en un "changarro" con el artista destacado. Changarreando lleva esto un paso más allá para conectarse con las personas a través de las redes sociales, generar interacción con el arte y adoptar la era digital con nuestros programas existentes.

Ten en cuenta que, en este momento, el Museo Mexic-Arte solo presentará artistas a través del componente 'Changarreando' debido a COVID 19 y las regulaciones de la ciudad. Los artistas elegidos podrán mostrar sus obras de arte, crear publicaciones de vídeo e imágenes, vender sus obras de arte y guiarnos a través de su proceso artístico durante 20 días a través de la cuenta de Instagram del Museo Mexic-Arte (@mexic_arte). Nuestro curador hará un seguimiento con el artista para discutir una fecha futura para el componente Changarrito, también conocido como presente en la galería con el carrito de Changarrito.

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Artista "Changarreando" en Septiembre 2020

Peso Zapata

Peso Zapata, You’ll never be rich (Queen), Laser Print Collage on Paper, 4” x 6”, 2020
Peso Zapata, You’ll never be rich (Queen), Laser Print Collage on Paper, 4” x 6”, 2020

Peso Zapata (born Alex Zapata July 25, 1991 in Stockton, California) I’m an American painter, photographer, and sculptor currently living in Houston, Texas. Peso Zapata is most known for his depictions of Latin and US-related topics using pop art as a reference. Quoting Emiliano Zapata “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” Peso Zapata interprets it as “die with dignity and live life the way you want, rather than live serving people without self respect to yourself.” Self-identity had always been a constant battle for the artist growing up, proving himself Mexican or American enough and as a result, struggling to accept his own cultural identity. “My current practice is not medium specific but engages with particular social and public issues. I scavenge discarded material and objects in the street and use them as a base for my work. My source imagery is derived from multiple news media photographs of current situations targeting people of color. I look to employ artwork as a weapon in the fight for human rights against violence and ongoing injustice. Human rights can no longer be thought of as separate and belonging to a privileged few, but rather that these rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible for all. It’s in the constitution, right there in back and white. Liberty and justice for all. I believe my work will help to foster these important conversations worldwide and invite artists to add their voice. Art can inspire change and bring people together, crossing the borders of cultures and languages. For some, the United States is a true meaning of the “American Dream”, yet, for many individuals, basic human and civil rights are reduced and jeopardized with a judicial system that has crumbled confidence and trust, and with racism fathered through groups that have inherent power to institutionalize prejudice in the forms of laws, policies, and beliefs that exclude and oppress others.”

Support our September 2020 Changarreando Artist, Peso Zapata, as we adapt the program to a new and exciting internet feature: “Changarreando” In the spirit of Changarrito, the pop-up mobile art gallery where artists can sell their work to the public, Changarreando Instagram Takeover with Peso Zapata allows the artist to bring their work to you. Follow us on Instagram (@mexic_arte) for weekly Instagram posts on original work available for purchase as well as behind the scenes of the artist’s work, space, and creative process.

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Artista "Changarreando" en Agosto 2020: 


Cat Barrera

Artwork: Close up: Cat Barrera, Emotional Surfer, Digital Art. 24" x 24", 2020

Cat Barrera is a 27 year Digital Pop Surrealist born in the Texas Hill Country. Daughter of Mexican immigrants, her travels between the US and Mexico have greatly influenced her spiritual beliefs by combining Catholicism with the occult and it’s influenced her vibrant color palette. Her love for anime and cartoons sparked her interest in drawing at a young age leading to painting and finally settling into the digital world of art. Currently, Cat has an associates degree in Graphic Design from Austin Community College and currently freelancing as an illustrator and self taught animator. Cat’s art has been used and displayed as poster art in various music venues throughout Austin where she currently resides.
“My work explores the relationship between spirituality and mental health in the feminine realm. With influences as diverse as Japanese anime, pop surrealism, the occult, Texas fashion, and music, it reflects the journey into the spiritual realm as a means to cope with mental illness.”

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Artistas "Changarreando" en Julio 2020: 

Paul Valadez

Artwork: Close up from Paul Valadez Movie Series

Paul Valadez grew up in Stockton, CA and attended San Joaquin Delta College prior to attending the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art in 1997. Valadez earned his MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he was awarded a Weiss Urban Livability Fellowship. Paul currently resides in Deep South Texas where he works as a full-time lecturer in the Art Department at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, formerly the University of Texas-Pan American, on the US/Mexico Border.
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Savannah Diaz, Yemaya debajo 'el mar, Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”, 2019

Savannah Díaz. Currently based in Austin, Texas, Savannah Diaz is a visual artist whose works center on themes of her childhood and maternal energies. Born and raised in a largely Latinx community in Miami, Florida, her work is informed by and focused on revisiting memories of growing up in a Cuban-American household. Since 2017, Savannah has been exploring different mediums including wood work, wax sculpture, and digital collage. She is currently focusing on painting.
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