Changarrito Residency with Mark Puente was a Special Guest at PrintAustin, Austin, TX

Changarrito Popped Up at PrintAustin 

Artist Mark Puente exhibited his work through the 

Changarrito Pop Up Gallery during 

PrintAustin’s PrintExpo at the 

Museum of Human Achievement on 

February 11, 2017 

PrintAustin is dedicated to the Austin art community and galleries in its mission to share an enthusiasm for printmaking.

Mark Puente (1977, Boston, Massachusetts) draws inspiration from folk art, growing up in Guatemala, and the art and imagery of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). His pen and ink illustrations take on new life and meaning, as they are laser-etched onto milk-paint finished wood and other mediums. Mark also has a burgeoning interest in exploring the practice of printmaking. These modern folk works are produced in Mark’s East Austin home and studio, Nailivic Studios. His wife, Amy Exah, assists on the creative and business sides of the studio. The name is derived from the spelling of “civilian” backwards, and draws its root from the fact that “a civilian has both the right and the responsibility to change society for the best, by any means necessary”. Puente uses art as his tool of choice.

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