Changarrito Residency Hosted Joseph Silvas During SXSW, Austin, Texas

Changarrito Residency Hosted Joseph Silvas During SXSW

Pop-up Gallery Locations:
March 16 at Brush Square Museums and at Mexic-Arte Museum
March 17 at Brush Square Museums
March 18 at Mexic-Arte Museum
March 19 at Mexic-Arte Museum
Joseph Silvas (b. 1992 in El Paso, TX) was born into a military family and lived in Oklahoma, Germany, Killeen, and Fort Hood, all before settling down in his parents’ hometown of San Antonio. After graduating from the Design and Technology Academy at Roosevelt High School, Silvas attended the University of the Incarnate Word to study Graphic Design. While still in school, he began showing and selling his work at pop-up art shows in 2013. Last year, Silvas opened up an art and design boutique/gallery in San Antonio called High Five Shop. 
Silvas finds inspiration from Mexican American and San Antonio culture, and focuses on depicting messages of positivity and good vibes, creating works that are colorful and fun. His training in graphic design influenced his strive for meticulous, precise and clean designs, making his work minimalistic. According to the artist, a minimalistic technique allows him to find the essential components of a subject, and discard anything that he finds excessive. 

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