Changarrito's going to San Antonio TX !!

Changarrito at 'Artpace'

445 North Main Avenue San Antonio TX

January 10, 2013


Hudson (Show) Room


Public Opening & Walk-through

Mexico City's populous, bustling atmosphere and its relationship to the world is defined by microcosmic moments of exchange encompassing miscommunication, economy, currency, geography, and culture. Transitios is an exploration of artistic ideas traversing the city's borders. Independent curator Leslie Moody Castro and Artpace Deputy Director Mary Heathcott have brought together artists Ricardo Cuevas, Máximo González, Miguel Monroy, and Jose Antonio Vega Macotela, as well as works from the Mexico City-based Changarrito Collection that explore issues of exchange.

A walk-through with the curators and artists begins at 7pm. On view through April 21.

Ander Azpiri - 'Tríptico árboles' - 2006 - Tríptico: Fotografia dígital montada s/ cintra. 40 x 30 cm c/u

Ander Azpiri

Adriana Bustos

Armando Miguelez

Brion Nuda Rosch

Catherine Matos Olivos

Diana Córdoba

Diego Teo

Issa Benitez Dueñas

Juan Requena

Michael Hernandez de Luna

Natalia Martinez

Proyecto Vicente Razo Ilustraciones Homero Santamaría

Rocío Montoya

Carlos de la O

Yu Cotton-well

Gustavo Derfler

Hope you'll be there !!

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